Popular Halifax Keywords

Did you know that about 4.5 billion people search Google every month? Google is also the preferred search engine for 60-70% people in North America. Ever wonder what it would be like to rank on the top of Google with popular Halifax keywords. Ranking on the top of Google with your business name or an obscure term could be useless if no one is even searching for that term.

Here is a sample of popular Halifax business searches. HalifaxKiosk.com ranks top on Google for all these terms. Do a search yourself and see it live. We took these stats on July 28/2008. Results may vary for Google.com and Google.ca so we’ve included our search rank on both. Competing pages is the number of results that come up for that particular search. These are the web pages we beat out.

Keywords Google.com Rank Google.ca Rank Competing Pages
Halifax Business Coaching 1 2 966,000
Halifax Chiropractors 1 2 107,000
Halifax Clothing 1 1 4,530,000
Halifax Dentures 1 1 1,060,000
Halifax Home Improvement 1 1 423,000
Halifax Jewellery 1 2 3,490,000
Halifax Advertising 2 2 3,810,000
Halifax Corporate Lawyers 2 3 91,700
Halifax Weddings 2 3 3,390,000
Halifax Events 4 3 306,000
Halifax Computers 6 5 4,570,000
Halifax Golf 6 8 6,920,000
Halifax Funeral Homes 7 10 323,000
Halifax Carpet Cleaning 9 9 1,620,000

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