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Using the wrong keywords leads to elevated levels of unqualified traffic, higher costs and lower conversion rates. Though keyword market research we can determine what people are typing into search engines and evaluate that market demand. This consumer market demand can also translate into offline initiatives as online can reflect consumer activities offline, in many industries.

You can define the traffic demographic that your web site attracts, simply by changing the content of your web site. Since this is the case, you can optimize your content to drive visitors that are more easily converted into customers.

The Salient Marketing keyword market research process consists of three main phases; keyword analysis, competitive anaysis and strategic recommendations.

The premise of the first phase of keyword research and consultation is to help determine the market segments that have demand and what our clients will have to implement on their web sites to attain that market.

Knowledge of consumer demand empowers better decision making support online and possibly offline as well. Keyword research will show demand/month information, information supply metrics and what competitors are paying for relevant traffic from search engine advertising.

Competitive analysis will help to determine the level of effort required inorder to compete or rank appropriately on search engines and achieve lead generation or sales objectives. During the competitive analysis phase Salient Marketing examines the top 10 competitors with respect to each keyword. Our evaluation criteria includes Page Rank analysis, content analysis, and an advertising analysis.

Based on the keyword research and competitive intelligence Salient Marketing can provide strategic best practice approaches for search engine positioning and real tactical recommendations that touch on the following:

  • Design best practices (ie. flash, frames)
  • Style sheet usage
  • HTML programming (ie. use of javascript, keyword links, tags, etc.)
  • Usability practices (ie. golden triangle, above the fold, etc.)
  • Link popularity and community building activities
  • Content architecture, copywriting and sitemap
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