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In the software and services sector since 1992 our lasting success results from ten years of research and development creating real-time applications.
DeepMetrix is committed to pushing our creative and technical abilities to deliver quality solutions at affordable prices without compromising excellence and customer service.

Since the beginning DeepMetrix has demonstrated the ability to innovate beyond what others in the industry accept as limits. This quest has landed us the distinction of category-creating vendor on more than one occasion…

- RoboBOARD 1990 - graphical bulletin board software
- MediaHost 1993 - online client/server applications for Windows®
- IpMonitor 1996 - end-to-end network monitoring (then called IISA)
- LiveStats 1996 - live real-time website analysis (then called IISA)

Now in February 2003 DeepMetrix continues to innovate with the launch of our DeepMetrix Visitor Intelligence Service, featuring many firsts in data visualization, distinct visitor tracking, marketing and merchandising analytics, plus InstantMining™ and in-depth data mining.

Product: DeepMetrix Visitor Intelligence Service (

DeepMetrix Mining® cross-relates and drills down through volumes of raw visitor data from every angle, giving you the agility to quickly execute highly effective marketing, merchandising and cataloging strategies.

Our powerful OLAP interface enables you to uncover valuable strategic information buried in your website data.

Run ad hoc data mining queries on the Data Warehouse we maintain for your web site, perform InstantMining™ queries, and navigate unlimited live reports that quickly transform raw visitor data into actionable information.

InstantMining queries let you drill down from any item in nearly every report with a click of your mouse. Ad-hoc queries use our plain language query builder to create sophisticated queries through a point and click interface.

Plus our Visitor Intelligence™ technology lets you do detailed visitor mining to better understand your visitors, predict their behavior and respond to their needs.


DeepMetrix® Visitor Intelligence™ Mining Edition enables analysts, managers, and executives to cross-relate and drill down through large quantities of raw website data to quickly identify trends and patterns. You can use this valuable insight to…

Understand - the complex interactions between your offering and the combination in which visitors consume content or purchase merchandise

Predict - navigation patterns, promotion placement, marketing efficiency and merchandising effectiveness

Respond - with timely design, marketing and merchandising decisions based on facts rather than guesswork

The feature set for DeepMetrix Mining encompasses the Professional, Cataloging and Commerce editions features. One-click InstantMining™ queries, plus limitless ad hoc mining queries can be performed on commerce, cataloging and marketing initiatives for your web site.

DeepMetrix Mining is both easy to implement and easy to use, plus there are no additional hardware, software or IT expenses for you to consider.

Visitor Intelligence™: At the heart of the DeepMetrix Service is true Visitor Intelligence. It tracks real people, not just hits, views and impressions - the ability to precisely report New Visitors, Repeat Visitors, Visit Count and Distinct Visitors distinguishes our analytics from other competing solutions.

Visitor Intelligence is key to accurately measuring marketing, cataloging, merchandising and site design initiatives for your web site. For example, which metric do you think is most valuable? Ten people clicked on your promotion - or - seven unique visitors clicked on your promotion and it was seen ten times. With DeepMetrix you get the accurate picture.

For that matter only by knowing one visitor from another, can you accurately cross-relate your marketing campaigns to your merchandising results. In fact knowing one visitor from another is critical to accurately establishing important metrics such as ROI and customer loyalty.

OLAP Interface: Our powerful OLAP interface enables you to uncover valuable strategic information buried in your web site's raw visitor data. Our OLAP interface provides analysts, managers, and executives with fast, accurate, interactive views of visitor activity for their web site. We transform this raw visitor data - making it easy for you to understand the complex interactions between what your web site is designed to do, and the combination in which visitors consume content or purchase merchandise.

DeepMetrix archives your web site data in a Data Warehouse located within our highly secure data center. Our OLAP interface let's you interact with up-to-the-minute reports showing both historical information and predictive forecasts. Plus you can run ad hoc and InstantMining queries, which let you drill down, even deeper into your web site data to retrieve valuable strategic information.

InstantMining™ Queries: DeepMetrix Mining edition offers InstantMining™ for those times when you need more information but you don't have time for a full query.

InstantMining is used to search for more details from the report currently being viewed. For example, you might be viewing the Search Engines report in the Referrals Report Group and want more information about the referrals made by a particular search engine. By clicking on the InstantMining icon you would be presented with a list of pertinent data mining queries such as:

- Products Purchased - see products that were purchased by visitors from this search engine.
- Product Interest - discover the products that interested visitors from this search engine.
- Repeat Visits - see how often visitors from this search engine returned to your web site.
- Entry Pages - determine the pages that were seen first by visitors from this search engine.
- Continent Breakdown - uncover the geographic locations of visitors from this search engine.

Ad-Hoc Queries: DeepMetrix Mining includes ad-hoc queries, which let you to find answers to your questions as quickly as you can ask them.

Our plain language query builder allows you to build highly complex queries by simply pointing and clicking. You will see plain language description of your query as you build it. Once a query is created it can be stored and reused any number of times in the future.

Ad hoc queries are fully dynamic - once query results have been returned, you can question the data set further with additional queries. Something you can only do with a mining solution.

Ad hoc queries offer businesses no end of insight. For example:

- Establish churn, growth, recency, frequency, stickiness, loyalty and abandonment
- Determine positive correlations between promotional campaigns and marketing messages
- Evaluate the quantitative correspondence between merchandising methods and browser to buyer conversion or individual products to their up-sell offer
- Identify reciprocal relationships between sales trends and navigational patterns
- Explore cause and effect scenarios to understand how website changes affect site stickiness, product consumption and actual revenue

Commerce Mining - Track Merchandise Catalogs: Use DeepMetrix Mining to automatically track catalog activity and product interest for any ASP or CGI driven web site. See how shoppers interact with your online catalogs, products and shopping cart to see what's working and what isn't.

Commerce web sites often manage product catalogs containing hundreds and in some cases thousands of products. Logically grouping products into 'Catalogs By Interest' lets you measure which catalogs generate the most interest. For example, you might group products that are 'on sale' to gauge which promotions are resulting in sales and which aren't.

Dig even deeper into your merchandising to uncover how visitors interact with your catalogs and products using these valuable reports:

- Cross Browse: People who look at this product also look at these other products.
- Cross Sell: People who buy this product also buy these other products.
- Cross Catalog: People who look at products in this catalog also look at products in these other catalogs.

Commerce Mining - Track Shopping Cart Activity: You can track how shoppers interact with your online catalogs, products and shopping cart to maximize your cross-sells, up-sells and impulse buys.

With detailed accurate reports such as: Product Interest, Products Purchased, Products Added to Cart, Products Removed From Cart, Products Abandoned In Cart, Path to Purchase, and Purchases by Visit - You'll understand the customer shopping experience right through to checkout.

You even get cross browse, cross sell, SKU analysis and thumbnail images for every product in your catalogs. And if you want a quick snapshot of shopping performance, reports such as Commerce Summary, Commerce by Activity and Commerce by Visitor will conveniently summarize your online catalogs and products for you.

Cataloging Mining - Track Catalog Interest: Use DeepMetrix Mining to automatically track catalog activity and interest for any ASP or CGI driven web site. See how visitors interact with your online catalogs to fully understand what visitors find interesting and what they don't.

Cataloging web sites often manage catalogs containing hundreds and in some cases thousands of items. Logically grouping items into 'Catalogs By Item Interest' lets you measure which catalogs generate the most interest. For example, you might group houses by neighborhood to see which neighborhoods house shoppers find most desirable.

Dig even deeper to uncover how visitors interact with your catalogs and items using these valuable reports:

- Item Interest: This report reveals which online items are receiving the most visitor interest.
- Cross Browse: This report is valuable when determining what other items visitors look at when they view this item.
- Cross Catalog: This report is valuable when determining what other catalogs visitors look at when they view this catalog.

Cataloging Mining - Track Catalog Activity: You can optimize the effectiveness of your cataloging application by tracking how visitors interact with your catalogs and the items within them.

Features such as automatic catalog identification, proper catalog and item titling, cross browse and cross catalog reports and thumbnail images for every item in your catalogs, make cataloging easy no matter how big or complex your catalogs are.

Detailed yet insightful catalog information is listed in order of popularity including the number of total item views per catalog, as well as averages and forecasted values for incomplete time periods.

Whether you sell advertising or run in-site promotions, knowing your most popular catalogs and the most popular items within those catalogs provides the information you need to decide promotion or ad placement.

If you run marketing campaigns that focus on particular catalogs or items within catalogs, DeepMetrix Mining provides the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your every marketing initiative.

Knowing that visitors who look at this item also look at these other items and visitors who look at items in this catalog also look at items in these other catalogs; provides the insight you need to improve customer conversion rates.

For example, you might find that a high percentage of visitors who view the "Cottages" catalog also view the "Waterfront Properties" catalog. You might decide to add a "See All Waterfront Properties" link from the main "Cottages" index as well as from each page in the "Cottages" catalog.

Real Time: DeepMetrix uses a real-time processing model that warehouses data as events occur so statistical information is always current. With up-to-the-minute metrics you can watch how visitors are consuming content, monitor promotions to see what's making you money...

If a product isn't performing as expected you might modify site content to promote it better, then watch for improvement.

If an in-site promotion isn't getting the expected click-through rate you might reposition it or swap it for the next promotion in the queue.

If an ad, banner or newsletter sponsorship isn't driving an acceptable number of visitors you might modify or replace it to improve the potential of the advertising buy.

Custom Reports: The basic service fee includes creation of custom reports by our implementation team. This includes; creation of thumbnail images showing all your products in all your catalogs; setup of shopping SKUs; and custom reports generated specifically to measure your web site content and marketing initiatives.

DeepMetrix has developed a powerful query engine which lets our Implementation Team design reports that filter, query and cross relate specific data including catalogs, products, promotions, pages, browsers, referring URLs, specific visitors and groups of visitors.

Most vendors deliver statistics in a 'one size fits all' configuration. The problem is most web sites now employ sophisticated web applications or special features that no longer fit the 'one size fits all' paradigm - That's why we deliver targeted reporting specifically for your web site.

Unique Visitors: In advertising 'reach' is everything. It is important to know if your 'content' is shown to 1 person 100 times or to 100 people once. With DeepMetrix you can measure 'reach' on any web metric on any report, for example your catalogs.

The DeepMetrix' Visitor Intelligence Service provides end-to-end Unique Visitor reporting. Every metric, not just key metrics are represented from a 'Unique Visitors versus Views' perspective, which tells you exactly how many people you've reached with your message.

This is critically important. With DeepMetrix, the ability to differentiate visitors gives you accurate shopping and merchandising reports. Most competing solutions are unable to distinguish one buyer from another; they only give general shopping trends.

Banners & Campaigns: Optimizing online marketing campaigns starts with monitoring which promotions and campaigns are most effective. DeepMetrix Mining tracks the effectiveness and profitability of emails, banners, affiliate partner sites, sponsorships, editorial and paid links, in addition to inbound and outbound promotions.

You'll know which initiatives generate the most profitable visitor traffic, the performance of your online advertising and referral sites, which campaigns are working and which aren't, which e-business partners to jettison and which to keep.

Content Management: Pages and content can be conveniently grouped together by department, concept or other relevant group name.

For example on the DeepMetrix site we offer four tiers of service: Professional, Commerce, Cataloging and Mining. Our marketing team groups pages to determine the general interest each tier of service generates.

In addition we track individual pages within groups to determine which pages generate the greatest interest. This can be accomplished in two ways; by tracking each page individually or by using the DeepMetrix Mining interactive reporting interface to apply filters and extract information from groups that relate to individual pages or content.

Dynamic Content: With DeepMetrix Mining you can automatically track and differentiate pages generated with dynamic ASP or CGI applications.

Many web sites today use applications rather than static pages to deliver content. This includes everything from shopping, cataloging, archives to web site content. While a template driven web site with database backend makes development, maintenance and management of complex installations much easier - dynamic web sites have traditionally been very difficult to track statistically.

DeepMetrix has created a powerful filtering engine that turns your dynamic content (no matter how complex) into easy to understand reports. Aliasing is used to represent hard to read ASP & CGI based URLs in plain language Titles of your choice. In addition dynamic content can be grouped into relevant clusters that are then tracked for the dynamic content group.

Powerful Visualization: DeepMetrix Mining is truly a best-of-breed solution. Not only does it provide detailed, accurate analytics you can count on; it makes strong use of data visualization tools so you can transform detailed ledger views into actionable information - in a heartbeat.

Powerful visualization tools include, automated thumbnails of web pages, banner ad thumbnails, geographic maps, time zone maps, stock ticker window, real world event calendar and graphical summarizations showing visitor metrics.

In addition, you can mouse-over report elements to reveal deeper numeric insight. Control report list size, generate comparative reports, filter the report by keyword, adjust report styles and launch related reports. Plus, many metrics shown in ledger views offer a magnifying glass to drill down even deeper into that metric.

Forecasting: DeepMetrix Mining provides forecasted values for any web metric on any report. Forecasting on all statistics in all reports, delivers our best prediction as to where any incomplete time period will conclude.

Forecasting offers the information you need to predict the outcome of your merchandising and marketing initiatives, monitor web site redesigns and foresee website traffic for future infrastructure growth.

DeepMetrix Mining delivers timely and predictive data you can count on to improve your merchandising, marketing and website planning efforts. In addition, cost savings can be appreciated by knowing what is working and what is not.

Search Engines & Keywords: DeepMetrix Mining provides detailed search engines and keyword tracking. Knowing which keywords visitors use to reach your web site provides valuable information you can use to improve your visibility on the Internet.

DeepMetrix keyword reports offer a good source for words you might include within your web page Meta tokens, many search engine indexing algorithms consider these tokens in their search results.

If you pay for keyword sponsorship these reports provide a way to measure keyword effectiveness right at your web site. Plus DeepMetrix' keyword reports show potential words to sponsor.

Comparative Reports: DeepMetrix Mining offers convenient comparative reports. In this mode information is placed side-by-side making it easy to compare two like periods by day, week or month.

Comparative reports offer a quick way to see if the performance of different marketing initiatives such as e-mail campaigns, partner and affiliate programs, and if other inbound and outbound promotions are on their way up or out.

Geographic Reports: DeepMetrix Mining offers detailed geo-corporate segmentation showing which Continent and Country visitors to your web site originate from. Knowing the origins of your visitors is important when geographically targeting marketing campaigns, determining alternate language interest or global reach.

In addition to geographic location, corporate and service provider entities are reported. This information is valuable when determining the amount of traffic that accesses your web site via portals such as AOL, when scouting advertisement locations, determining degree of interest by corporate entities, or keeping an eye on your competitors.

DeepMetrix does not use reverse DNS and other similar technologies, which are neither accurate nor informative. Instead, our geo-corporate reports use Internet registry information to map visitor IP addresses to geographic locations and Company or Service Provider name.

Personalization: DeepMetrix Mining provides a Personalize option for every different report in the Service. This drag & drop interface is used to pick and choose different report elements and layout reports in your preferred style.

As well, each report has a Report Settings interface used to control; list size (i.e. how many items are displayed in a report), generate comparative reports (i.e. side-by-side comparisons between current time period and a selected historic time period), filter the report by keyword, adjust report styles, and launch related reports.

Easy To Use: The DeepMetrix Service simplifies web site, shopping analytics and data mining to the point where you do not need to be a statistician to make sense of the reports. But, best of all reporting depth is not compromised for ease of use.

With the DeepMetrix Service you focus on measuring your merchandising, cataloging and marketing initiatives, understanding your visitors, measuring your ROI and monitoring how your visitors consume web site content - things that actually matter to you.

Unlimited Reports: DeepMetrix Mining offers reporting potential that is virtually unlimited. Not only is there a rich palette of standard reports, DeepMetrix also offers custom reports tailored to measure your web site and marketing initiatives.

And these reports can be analyzed for any day, week, month or comparative view in history. Plus you can zoom into extra details for any item in any report. Not to mention that each report can be individually searched and formatted to create yet more reports.

Plus you get InstantMining reports and unlimited Ad Hoc data mining queries, which can be saved and reused to generate highly specific reports anytime.

Despite this unlimited reporting potential, you don't suffer from information overload. You get exactly the reports you need; each offers detail and clarity, each is configured to your liking, and custom reports are on your demand.

Taking Reports Offline: It's a fact DeepMetrix Mining offers unparalleled online reporting, but sometimes you want to take reports offline.

You can create a 'print friendly' version of any report. It will pop up in a new browser window and can be printed using your web browser's Print command.

In addition, you can also export rich report data in Comma-Separated Value or XML format. These are supported by many popular database and spreadsheet solutions.

Managed Service: The DeepMetrix Visitor Intelligence Service is a Managed Service. We do everything for you so you can remain focused on your business.

Because DeepMetrix Mining is a hosted solution it frees up valuable IT resources, often times the single greatest barrier standing between a merchandising and marketing department and web analytics technology.

If your website is hosted elsewhere with an ISP or MSP that's not a problem. DeepMetrix offers a number of standard tools that make 'going live' easy. And, DeepMetrix Mining works independently of web server brand, log file format, computer operating system or your internal network configuration.

Customers need not deal with the typical inhibitors associated with deploying a web analytics solution. There are no upfront fees, hardware purchases, configuration details, or learning curve to consider.

Cost Savings: Because DeepMetrix Mining is hosted by DeepMetrix in our data center it offers businesses many advantages over the conventional software model.

You save time. You simply install a small piece of JavaScript code in the html for the web pages you want to monitor using one of the industry standard tools DeepMetrix provides.

You save money. You won't need to buy additional hardware or invest in software. And because DeepMetrix Mining is a service you write it off as an operating expense rather than a capital expense.

Easy terms. DeepMetrix is able to provide this industry leading technology with no minimum contracted term. In addition we offer pay as you grow pricing based strictly on usage and there are no penalties whatsoever for cancellation.

Please feel free to read on about different web analytics software vendors:

Salient Marketing can help you understand how to evaluate your web analytics (what your visitors are doing on your site), select the performance metrics that matter and make the information from your log files actionable. Stop guessing about what your visitors are doing; understand it and convert more visitors into customers.

The integration of our metrics services with our search engine optimization services and our pay-per-click management services - all managed by the same dedicated campaign management team - provides a considerable advantage in terms of coordination and communication over managing pieces of this process by yourself, or through separate vendors.

For more information on on log file analysis please contact us at 613-266-9812 or email us at

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