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Benefits of Web Analytics and Log File Analysis
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As a marketer, you realize the need to understand the results of the investments you make in order to achieve the goals you've established for your website - whether those goals are actual online purchases, or requests for information, downloads of product demos or white papers, etc. Within search engine marketing campaigns your "investment" can, and must, be broken down to an extremely granular level in order to measure - and more importantly - maximize, your results. You need to know what each keyword is generating for you in terms of both traffic and ROI - both from natural search engine optimization and pay-per- click programs. Only then can you and your SEO Mechanics campaign management team make the most informed decisions regarding changes to your targeted keyword list in order to maximize your ROI.

a. Measuring and maximizing ROI

  • Identify which referral sources (i.e. search engines, e-mail campaigns, newsletter sponsorships, print ads and affiliates) generate the most revenue, products, customers and orders for your business.
  • Which sources have the highest browse-to-buy ratios and the highest overall revenue potential.
  • Actionable information enables timely decisions, such as continuing a successful marketing strategy or stopping a campaign going nowhere.
  • Measure-respond-measure scenario
  • Online channel is keeping up with your overall business goals
  • Visitor traffic and e-commerce sales numbers justifying the resources put into them

b. Better Target Your Marketing Efforts

  • Determine which visitor groups are most likely to convert into customers, members or subscribers
  • Define visitor groups by the content they read, the actions they take, even the URL they come from.

c. Optimize Conversions

  • Click-path tracking to maximize the rate at which your Web site visitors convert into customers, subscribers or members.
  • Adjusting the content and navigation of your site in response to your reports

d. Pinpoint Online Revenue-Enhancing Opportunities

  • e-commerce intelligence tying in clickstream behavior (the page-by-page paths visitors take through a site) with purchasing activity to unveil key shopping patterns and trends
  • Identifying online revenue-enhancing opportunities, such as product cross-sells, the most profitable referring sources of traffic, and the ability to see which keywords, search engines or promotions drive the most sales.
  • Determine upward and downward trends in a particular product, and which products would function best as loss leaders to attract new customers.

e. Save On Customer Support - improving the efficiency of your online support to dramatically reduce your offline costs.

f. Help Customers Help Themselves - path analysis indicates whether or not visitors are finding the information they need within.

  • Early detection system for possible problems
  • Real-time analysis of visitor interaction with your Web site can prompt changes to ensure that your products meet the needs of your customers, and uncover potentially larger support issues before they become headaches.

Please feel free to read on about web analytics:

Salient Marketing can help you understand how to evaluate your web analytics (what your visitors are doing on your site), select the performance metrics that matter and make the information from your log files actionable. Stop guessing about what your visitors are doing; understand it and convert more visitors into customers.

The integration of our metrics services with our search engine optimization services and our pay-per-click management services - all managed by the same dedicated campaign management team - provides a considerable advantage in terms of coordination and communication over managing pieces of this process by yourself, or through separate vendors.

For more information on on log file analysis please contact us at 613-266-9812 or email us at

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