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Founded in 1996, Sane Solutions develops and markets the award-winning NetTracker® line of Web site traffic analysis software. Sane is a "pure play" Web analytics software company and our goal is to continually meet the evolving needs of online marketing professionals worldwide.

The integrity of our products is our highest priority. On the market for over seven years, NetTracker is market-tested tough. Our customers demand a flexible and scalable solution and NetTracker meets and exceeds their needs.

A customer-centric focus has always been key to our continued growth and prosperity, even in these tough economic times. Our over 3,500 customers and counting worldwide, are a testament to how our old-fashioned approach to customer relationships makes all the difference.

Last but not least, Sane Solutions is a profitable, financially stable, privately held company. We own all of the technology that we sell. So you can be confident that we'll be around next month, next year and beyond.

Product: NetTracker Web Analytics (

Analyze your Web site traffic and your visitors' online behavior
Whether you are an e-commerce-focused business or a business that simply uses the Web as another communications channel, Web applications are becoming more central to your business operations. It is essential to model, understand, integrate and utilize your Web information effectively. Valuable insights into customer behavior, buying patterns, product interests, content quality, ad success, customer base turnover, site performance and business activity are captured in your Web site visitors' clickstreams. NetTracker Web site traffic analysis software provides you with actionable analysis to streamline your online channel and strengthen your customer relationships.

The NetTracker line of Web analytics software provides detailed online visitor clickstream analysis and Web site traffic analysis including:

Visitor analysis

• Identify where visitors are abandoning their visit to your Web site and why
• Understand the behavior of loyal visitors / users and how to increase the number of loyal users that you have
• Analyze the behavior that leads to conversion (for example, a purchase or other action) on your Web site
• Quantify the churn rate of your visitors: how many are new, repeat and unique visitors
• View customer data (name, phone, address, e-mail, etc.) directly within NetTracker reports along with their clickstream behavior
• Segment visitors by behavior, buying patterns, profitability, demographics, etc.
• Identify your most profitable customer segments
• Understand user / consumer experiences on your Web site

Content analysis

• Evaluate your product mix based on the popularity of products on your Web site
• Identify customer needs for online content and content areas that consumers find most valuable
• Analyze dynamically generated and shopping cart content - which products are most frequently viewed online, which content is most quickly abandoned, etc.
• Understand how visitors use your Web site
• Analyze the churn rate of your visitor base so that you can intelligently revive your content for your loyal repeat visitors
• Eliminate under-utilized content
• View product names (instead of SKUs or product codes) in your NetTracker reports for products that are served by application servers (e.g., Vignette and Broadvision) to visitors shopping in your online catalog
• Incorporate visitor feedback into Web site modifications
• Measure site "stickiness" and usability

Marketing analysis

• Make marketing budget allocation decisions
• Eliminate ineffective ads
• Identify search engines and keywords frequently used to find your site in order to make ad purchasing decisions and increase search engine optimization
• Analyze who refers your most valuable visitors (those who make a purchase or perform another act of conversion)
• Ensure your Web site is being indexed by search engines
• Analyze the visit duration and conversion rates of visitors referred by specific ads to determine if your messaging is working
• Analyze which activities - banner ads, links, e-mail promotions, search engine optimization - have the greatest visitor acquisition rate
• Track each banner ad across placements to analyze which attract the most customers and from which sites

Online commerce analysis

• Analyze traffic patterns to merchandise on the site and learn to lead visitors to products
• Understand visitor-to-purchaser frequency - how often visitors return to your site before they purchase
• Compare the paths of visitors who purchase online to those who purchase offline
• Identify visitors who viewed products but did not buy online; create a call list with the products they viewed for a targeted sales campaign
• Analyze revenue from your online catalogs

Technical analysis

• Track broken links and unfulfilled page requests
• Ensure your site is optimized for viewing with the browsers and platforms owned by the highest percentage of your users
• Identify slow page delivery and avoid aborted requests
• Track server performance during different time frames, view performance at peak times and make capacity preparations for Web site expansion
• View diagnostic information about the activity on each individual server in a load-balanced server environment

Traffic analysis

• Analyze visits by date in order to analyze ad campaign results on ad release dates and the life cycle of ad campaigns by the visitor acquisition rate on the following dates
• Track page views to determine if Web site changes increase the amount of content viewed during visits
• Analyze visits by day of the week or time to determine trends in site usage and identify slow or peak times
• Assess bandwidth used, keep up to date with bandwidth needs and plan for growth as bandwidth needs increase, ensuring that visitors can always access the site and that your traffic doesn’t outstrip capacity

Please feel free to read on about different web analytics software vendors:

Salient Marketing can help you understand how to evaluate your web analytics (what your visitors are doing on your site), select the performance metrics that matter and make the information from your log files actionable. Stop guessing about what your visitors are doing; understand it and convert more visitors into customers.

The integration of our metrics services with our search engine optimization services and our pay-per-click management services - all managed by the same dedicated campaign management team - provides a considerable advantage in terms of coordination and communication over managing pieces of this process by yourself, or through separate vendors.

For more information on on log file analysis please contact us at 613-266-9812 or email us at

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