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A World Leader in Web Analytics - webtrends/NetIQ

NetIQ delivers business-critical solutions to assure, analyze and optimize the performance, availability and security of your IT infrastructure.

Only NetIQ supplies the best-of-breed tools you need to Work Smarter—to manage and secure your critical infrastructure investments, such as servers, databases, web sites, email, voice and video and mission-critical applications. Not only can we help you customize and refine your Systems Management and Security Management controls to fit your particular environment, but we can also provide critical insights into your web site performance.

Focused on providing you with the competitive advantage necessary to survive and thrive in today’s chaotic business environment, NetIQ offers a complete range of easy-to-deploy, cross-platform solutions—from our industry- and market-leading Windows Systems Management solutions to our solutions for Linux and UNIX; and from our integrated Security Management products to our award-winning WebTrends Web Analytics tools.

NetIQ counts more than 4,000 of the world's leading enterprises as key customers. In addition, our partnerships with industry leaders, such as Microsoft, IBM, HP and Dell, give NetIQ a unique advantage in the global marketplace. With customer-proven solutions and strong relationships, NetIQ delivers the tools you need to reduce your risk and deliver value from day one.

Product: WebTrends Reporting Series

More accurate and actionable insight for smarter business decisions.
More than ever, business managers are required to run their online business like their offline business — by the numbers. WebTrends Reporting Series is our flagship, award-winning web analytics solution allowing organizations to decrease customer acquisition costs, increase web site conversion and improve customer retention.

Acquire More Qualified Visitors for the Lowest Cost

From online marketing such as e-mail campaigns, search engine marketing and banner advertising to offline marketing such as print advertising and direct mail, the first step in winning new customers today is likely driving new traffic to your web site. But all traffic is not equal. You need to drive the most qualified visitors for the lowest cost. To be effective in evaluating the success of your campaigns, you need to go beyond just measuring click-through rates and consider campaign conversion and overall Return on Investment.

WebTrends Reporting Series provides actionable insight through an arsenal of reports and dashboards, allowing you to focus on the critical indicators of campaign performance such as:

• Campaign Response — Go beyond click-through rate and find out whether search pay-per-click vehicles, banners, e-mail or offline marketing efforts deliver the best cost per qualified visitor compared to other non-paid referrers, such as partner affiliates and search engine traffic.

• Campaign Conversion — Track your visitors click-by-click from entry page through conversion and evaluate which campaigns deliver the best cost per qualified prospect or sale.

• Campaign ROI — Compare all your campaigns in a single view and drill into greater detail to determine which campaigns deliver the greatest return on your marketing investment. WebTrends Reporting Series sets the bar in marketing campaign analysis, allowing you to pinpoint exactly which campaigns are working and which are not.

Convert More Visitors Into Customers by Analyzing Click-By-Click Behavior

Once you've driven visitors to your web site, you need to persuade them to accomplish the goals you've set. This is called conversion. Whether your goal is for visitors to register or make a purchase or to service your customers more effectively, conversion rate is a critical measure of your site's success. Maximize conversion rates by following visitors click-by-click through your content, identifying bottlenecks, confusing navigation and abandonment points. WebTrends Reporting Series provides a comprehensive picture of click-by-click visitor behavior, allowing you to improve:

• Site Navigation — Evaluate web site design and content to determine if you are effectively drawing visitors into your site and clearly leading them where you want them to go.

• Goal Completion — Increase the number of visitors who complete your critical web site scenarios, such as registration or checkout, by eliminating problem areas that are leading to drop-offs. WebTrends Reporting Series delivers the most complete Navigation Analysis in the industry, giving you the insight required to get more visitors to convert.

Retain More Customers by Segmenting Those Most Likely to Return

Once you have attracted visitors to your site and persuaded them to convert, you need to retain them as loyal, returning customers. It typically costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Now you can determine exactly how well loyalty campaigns such as customer newsletters, e-mails and seminars encourage your most valuable customers to keep coming back and, more importantly, engage in repeat business. WebTrends Reporting Series enables you to compare the effectiveness of your loyalty campaigns with three distinct metrics:

• Visit Recency — Find out how much time has elapsed since a customer's last visit. Now you can see how quickly your campaigns are driving customers to your web site.

• Visit Frequency — Determine how often visitors are engaging with the web site. Visitors that return to the web site more often are more likely to register, purchase or engage in other important scenarios.

• Lifetime Value — Discover how much visitors spend with you or contribute to revenue-enhancing or cost-saving goals over the life of the relationship. Also, compare which loyalty campaigns drive the highest lifetime value. With new Segmentation Analysis, WebTrends Reporting Series breaks new ground so you can segment your most valuable visitors, encourage repeat business and determine the most effective ways to increase average lifetime value over time.

Please feel free to read on about different web analytics software vendors:

Salient Marketing can help you understand how to evaluate your web analytics (what your visitors are doing on your site), select the performance metrics that matter and make the information from your log files actionable. Stop guessing about what your visitors are doing; understand it and convert more visitors into customers.

The integration of our metrics services with our search engine optimization services and our pay-per-click management services - all managed by the same dedicated campaign management team - provides a considerable advantage in terms of coordination and communication over managing pieces of this process by yourself, or through separate vendors.

For more information on on log file analysis please contact us at 613-266-9812 or email us at

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